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Chantelle Hawkins Biokinetics is an independent biokinetics practice,
based at the Cresta Virgin Active in Randburg, Johannesburg.

Is biokinetics right for me?

Are you experiencing any muscle or joint pain on a regular basis?Have you picked up an injury from a repetitive motion - either from playing a sport or from an occupational movement?Have you recently given birth, had surgery, or suffered from a disease that's affected your mobility?
If you said yes to any of these things, then it's very likely that biokinetics will help you.

Chantelle Hawkins, Biokineticist
Chantelle Hawkins, Biokineticist
Chantelle Hawkins, Biokineticist

You see, pain and discomfort are warning signs that there is a problem. But often, the problem is not necessarily in the part of the body where the pain is occurring. Without addressing the problem, the body tends to compensate in ways that put undue stress on other parts of the body (usually the back), and the pain continues, spreads, or gets worse.

As biokineticists, we focus on alleviating symptoms by treating the root cause of the problem.

We identify the postural changes and altered movement patterns that a patient has developed that are placing an increased amount of stress on their muscles and joints.

Then, through targeted exercises, we rectify these problems to reduce the patient's symptoms.

Typically, this approach serves as a long-term solution to musculoskeletal injuries, as well as prevention for recurrence.

Chantelle Hawkins, Biokineticist
Chantelle Hawkins, Biokineticist
Chantelle Hawkins, Biokineticist

Meet the Team

Chantelle and her team have extensive training and experience in biokinetics and are fully equipped to help you recover, gain strength, and feel better than you have in years.

Chantelle Hawkins, Biokineticist

Chantelle Hawkins

Chantelle obtained her B.Com Biokinetics at The University of Johannesburg. In 2005 she opened her private practice at the Cresta Virgin Active.

With her love for sport, together with completing two Iron Man and Comrades races, her primary area of interest is orthopedic injuries and biomechanics.

Chantelle has also studied exercise and pregnancy; and as a mom, she shares her passion for working with pregnant ladies during pre- and post-natal stages.

Greg Schwartz, Biokineticist

Greg Schwartz

Greg believes that there is nothing better than seeing hard work pay off with improved functionality and performance, as well enhancing his patients' quality of life.

He is both clinically and academically diverse - he has a Bachelor of Medical Science (specialising in Biokinetics) from UCT, which he passed cum laude, as well as a Bachelor of Sport Psychology and an Honours Degree in Visual Communications. He is also a certified sports massage therapist. And he's not just academically smart - Greg is an excellent motivator and is tremendously passionate about orthopaedic and chronic disease rehabilitation. His academic and occupational diversity allows him to be a more clinically diverse and relatable biokineticist, in addition to having a more holistic approach to his practice.

Greg works with his patients to help them achieve their goals. He believes that all his patients have the potential to reach their goals and improve their functionality - whether it’s to recover from a knee, back or ankle injury or from a chronic illness such as a heart condition.

Greg loves success stories and hearing about patients making full recoveries – will you be his next one?

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Chantelle Hawkins, Biokineticist

Chantelle Hawkins Biokinetics

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